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Rising Blue Collar stars

The fabricators at High Steel Structures are building the new America. With their hands. And they are proud of it.

In Williamsport, Pennsylvania The rust belt and The blue collar America is not down and dead. It is thriving.

“America is built on hard work , not laziness. Not that I think Americans are lazy, but we need a change in the mindset. I think the future of this country is in building up the middle class again through hard work and manufacturing. I like physical work. I am proud”, tells John Weaver.


Weaver is 28 years old and works as an engineer at High Steel Structures in Williamsport. The family-owned company has won its largest ever contract and now hires more welders.

The company will fabricate 50,000 tons of steel for the approaches to the 3.9 trillion NY New Bridge, one of the Largest transportation construction projects in U.S. history .

The New NY Bridge will replace the Tappen Zee Bridge, located about 13 miles north of New York City. The new bridge will carry traffic over the Hudson River . The first span of the new twin- span bridge is schedules to open in 2016 , and the new bridge should be completed in 2018 .


The latest numbers tells that the manufacturing business in America is growing and accelerated for the second month in a row.

“We are in a good situation and are really looking forward to the future. There are so many bridges that needs to be fixed in this country, so if we are doing our job, we should do alright in the coming years”, says Rick Dickerson, Director of Continuous Improvement at High Steel.

John Weaver thinks that more Americans should think twice about an academic career and rather go for trades.

“There are still many opportunities in the American workplace. Many babyboomers are retiring now. So there are need for skilled labor in the industry”.

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