The Rust Belt has spoken

Congratulations to Donald Trump as the new president. A suprice to many – but maybe not to the folks we met during our journey through The Rust Belt.

09 Nov 2016

– Når drømmen dør, da dør vi også

CHICAGO (VG) – Vi forsøker å komme i gang med livene vårt. Vi forsøker å finne et hjem og å starte på fremtiden. Men vi kommer liksom ikke videre…

30 Oct 2016

Detroit is back – on bike!

The growth of the U.S industry, the middle class and even Motor City itself; Henry Ford II (45) has it all in his name.

06 Dec 2015

The Hard.Land trailer

The short stories and material published on Hard.Land web site during our journey in the Rust Belt was mostly photos and text. But we also did a lot of filming. Terrabytes and terrabytes… In fact, many of our stories  will be told by videos. Because of the still photos, text and moving images, the project

26 May 2014

The shrinking family

They work on their knees eight hours each day in a cave not higher than three feet. The coal miners of West Virginia have one of the hardest blue collar jobs in America.

16 Apr 2014

Rising Blue Collar stars

The fabricators at High Steel Structures are building the new America. With their hands. And they are proud of it.

02 Apr 2014

Jesse’s bad dreams

Jesse Boggoss has recived Medal of Honor and 15 other medals from his service in the Vietnam war.  He has killed more people than he can count. Jesse lives by him self far up in the mountains of West Virginia in a house full of weapons and in a body full of bad memories.

31 Mar 2014

Youngstown’s Generation Y

The steel mills are dead. Long live the future.

28 Mar 2014

Detroit burning

It is close to 05AM Tuesday morning and yet another house is burning in Detroit.  40 minutes later the abandoned house at 3328 Dearing street is just a new number in the statistics. The firefighters of Motor Town are among the busiest and toughest in the world. On a single shift which lasts for 24

25 Mar 2014

Living in the ruins of Detroit

Today we met the fabulous guy Allan Hills in Detroit, The Motor City of the World. Allan is living in the ruins of Detroit – at the abandoned plant where they used to make the world famous luxury car, Packard.

21 Mar 2014
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